March 18, 2017

Chris & Saori – Gion, Kyoto


I just got back from a few weeks in the Kansai district in Japan, that’s Osaka, Kyoto and surrounding areas.

Awesome place, so many things to see, so many great opportunities for great photography! And I was lucky enough to photograph several couples around a few of the great locations around Kyoto and Osaka.

Chris and Saori live in Kobe and came to meet me in Gion, the district of Kyoto famous for Geisha.

Enjoy, more to come.



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Although language was an issue with us, my Japanese is at this moment pretty basic and Miyuki and Kosuke's English was limited. However, with a bit of body language and their natural affection for each other, we managed to take some beautiful images around Osaka Ji the most famous white castle in the world. The castle itself is amazing, it towers before you in an unexpected way, the stone walls and base of the structure soar into the sky.